Check In/Check Out

Check In/Out

Check in is Saturday 1:00-3:00 p.m.

If it is not possible to check-in during this time, please contact camp. We will work with your unit to make sure your check in process goes as smooth as possible.

Where: Welcome Center

  • The leader who is designated to handle registration should stop at the welcome center to check in. The rest of the Unit can proceed to their campsite and begin setting up camp. 

  • It is very important that you stop at the Welcome Center to check in. Your unit will not receive food service or be able to select programs for the week until you are completely check in.

The following happens during check-in:

  • Verify unit roster

  • Verify youth program selections

  • Turn in food counts and specialty meal requests

  • Turn in and review health forms with Health Director

  • Verify all paperwork has been submitted and signed

  • Go over any other needs with the admin staff

The following will take place at your campsite:

  • Setup up campsite. Any requested equipment will be in equipment tent near entrance of campsite. (Chippewa and Sioux Camp only)

  • Meet your campsite commissioner

  • Review troop/crew program schedule

You can expect to do the following on Saturday

  • Set up your site and move in

  • Meeting with commissioner and receive troop or crew activity schedule

  • Dining hall orientation (Chippewa and White Pine only)

  • Severe Weather Drill

  • Camp tour

  • Roundtable meeting for youth and adult leadership.

Check In/Check Out

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