Make a splash at the Beach!

Swimming Sun, sand, and gorgeous Long Lake, what more do you need for a perfect afternoon or evening? Come on down to the beach and make a splash in the lake! Swimming is a great way to cool down and spend time with your friends at camp! Besides what says summer camp more than splashing around in a lake?

Who can participate?

Anyone who has taken one of the swim tests. There are spots for every level of swimmer at the Beach. Swimmer Level Scouts will have access to all areas of the Beach (Non-Swimmer, Beginner, and Swimmer), Beginners will have access to the Non-Swimmer and Begginer sections and non-swimmers will have access to the Non-Swimmer area.

When can I participate?

You and your buddy can go swimming anytime during Afternoon/Evening Open Program time. You can also take the Swimming Merit Badge in the Brownsea Program, as well as take it during the morning.

How can I participated?

Pass a swimmer's test and bring a buddy down to the beach. If you would like swimming lessons or to retake your swim test, talk to the Beach Director and they can help you out!


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