Water Polo


Water Polo Gather your Troop/Crew and sign up for the Water Polo Tournament! Jump into the beginner section and see how many points your team can score! Water polo is an intense sport that combines swimming and soccer, while trying to throw the ball into your opponents net. If your team wins the tournament they will get a chance to play the staff team at the end of the week!

Who can participate?

Anyone who is at the beginner level or above and the has the spirit and drive to win!

When can I participate?

Games will be scheduled at the beginning of the week, usually starting on Monday during Evening Open Program Time. Depending on how many games your team wins you could be playing multiple nights of the week.

How can I participate?

Mark on your Program Planning Sheet that your Troop/Crew is interested in participating or else let the Beach Director know by Sunday Campfire!

Water Polo

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