New This Summer

This year we are excited to announce these new additions to camp:

50 new tents

We are committed to ensuring the equipment people use at camp is in good working repair. As such we are buying new tents every year. 

The complete Angler Program

Scouts will learn about what it takes to make that big catch! Our Tomahawk Anglers learn about various lures and flies and how to use them with for both traditional and fly fishing. With a focus on responsible fishing practices and conservation, Scouts will also earn Fish and Wildlife Management.. With these three badges, our TSR Anglers will earn the BSA Complete Angler award. Scouts will also get to earn Motorboating Merit Badge.


We are taking the bundled merit badges out of the Brownsea program. Scouts will still be able to earn everything they did in the past--they just will do them separately. Brownsea will be Block A and B only. Scouts will have the ability to choose their merit badges for Block C and D. 

New Mountain Bikes

Introducing new bikes for the Trails Program. These bikes will have front suspension and rear gear shifting to maximize the fun at Sealey Pass and take the learning to another level. 

Shower Improvements

Chippewa and Sioux shower buildings will have the youth side converted to all single entry/occupancy shower stalls. This will allow anyone to use these showers, reducing wait times and improving cleanliness. White Pine's adult showers stalls are being expanded from 3 to 6 with plans to convert youth side for summer 2021. 

Changing Stalls at Beaches

Each beach will receive changing stalls to making changing into your swimsuits easier and faster. 

Branding Stations

Leave your mark on something this summer. Branding will be a bigger part of Logging Camp. There will be more branding options and better equipment to meet the needs of more people. 

All-Things Ultra Light Pilot

In this program, Scouts will have the opportunity to try out a variety of Ultra-Light backpacking gear and backpack through Michigan's pristine Porcupine Mountains Wilderness. This program will be piloted one week this summer, please email [email protected] if interested. 

Pre-Camp Trading Post ORders

Scouts and Leaders will have the opportunity to order items from the trading post before the summer starts. We'll have the items ready for you when you arrive at camp.

New dock at the Beach

One of our camps will receive a new swimming dock. The parts from the old one will go to other camps and maybe even a few campsites. 


New This Summer

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