New This Summer

This year we are excited to announce these new additions to camp:

Double the Aqua Tramps

Each beach will receive another aqua-trampoline. More jumping, more fun!

50 new tents

We are committed to ensuring the equipment people use at camp is in good working repair. As such we are buying new tents every year. 

Wrenches Program

This new older Scout program incorporates Plumbing Merit Badge and Farm Mechanics together. Change oil, construct a plumbing system, sweat pipes, and learn how vehicles work. 

Eagle's Nest

A few older Scouts will get a chance to spend their week working with a counselor starting work on Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, and Personal Management. 

Basketball Courts

Each camp will receive a new half court basketball area.

Yard Games

Each camp will be getting a number of different yard games: sand bags, ladder golf, giant jenga, four square int he area, and more. 

More in Sparks

We are doubling the capacity in the Sparks program. More welding, more red hot metal.

New Website

You are enjoying it right now. This new website is mobile friendly and contains more information on planning for camp than ever before. 


New This Summer

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