April 1st - Program Registration Opens

On April 1st until April 14th at noon, is the open request period for Older Scout Programs. For best consideration make sure to make any older Scout requests during this time. The first sort isn't until April 14th and we do that sort and slection based on age and not when they submitted a request. A request made on April 2nd will not have more priority than a request made on April 13th. For information on how to sign up, check out the "How to sign up for Older Scout Programs" page

Registration Timeline

  1. April 1st to noon on April 14th: Open Request Period 
  2. April 14th at Noon to April 15th at Noon: Registration is closed for placement
  3. April 15th until camp starts. Program requests are now first come first served. Requests are reviewed every two weeks and placement status is updated every two weeks. 

April 1st - Program Registration Opens

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