Submitting Full Payment

Why do we submit full payment prior to camp?

Tomahawk utilizes these numbers to ensure we are appropriately staffed, make final purchases for the season, and make sure we are ready for your Scouts. It's always okay to add additional youth and adults. In fact, we plan on it. You can add Scouts at any time, even during your week. 

  • One June 1st, the remainder of the fee is due, for both youth and adults
  • A $10 late fee applies for fees paid after this date. Scouts that join in the Spring are exempt. 

How do we do it?

When logged into SCMS on the top left you can click on "view account info". This will take you to a summary page of what your unit has paid so far. 

In the related content of this page or the Forms and Documents page, locate the balance of fees worksheet. This worksheet will help guide you through summing your dues and credits to create your "balance of fees". Envelopes postmarked by June 1st will not be considered late. 

You will also receive a Balance of Fees worksheet and bill summary in the mail from tomahawk in mid-May. We do not accept credit cards for participant fees to help keep camp costs low. 

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