Check Out

Check out is a busy time for participants and staff, below is what your unir can expect at checkout so you can be prepared. 

Friday Night: 

On Friday night your Campsite Commissioner will be going campsite to campsite inspecting the rain flys, tents, and other equipment. They will be checking for any damaged or broken items. They will confirm your check out time you signed up for during the Friday Roundtable. 

Saturday Morning - Campsite 

  • All unit equipment designated by your commissioner should be taken down and packed before commissioner arrives. Equipment may stay set up for next unit if told by your commissioner to do so.
  • Campsite should be free of trash.
  • Bear Boxed Cleaned and free of trash
  • Latrine Cleaned and free of trash
  • Have cots set up near equipment tent for inspection
  • Canvas should be rolled tightly, tied, and stacked correctly. 
  • Any broken equipment should be stored below bakers tent with a repair tag attached.
  • Camp Survey to Commissioner
  • Medication Distribution Records to Commissioner 
  • If unit is missing any of the above it may result in a delay of their departure time.

Check Out - Welcome Center

  • Send a leader to the Welcome Center to review final bill and ensure incidentals are covered. 
  • Bring these items:
    • A blank check to pay your final bill. Credit cards are not accepted to help keep camp fees low. 
    • Commissioner Campsite/Equipment Inspection Form
  • All lost and found will be at the Welcome Center on Saturday Morning.
  • Last minute patch exchanges can be filled at this time.

Check Out Times 

  • Check out times in the campsites begin at 8:00 am and continue to 10:00 am 
  • Check out times at the Welcome Center begin at 8:30 am and continue to 10:30 am
  • We ask that all Units plan to be out of their campsite by 10 a.m. so we can prepare for the group. 

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