a Northern Star Council camp located in Birchwood, Wisconsin

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Logging Camp

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The Knapp-Stout Logging Camp is a historically themed outpost where it is always 1893.  Learn what logging was like on Long Lake as the theatrical staff show you and your troop how to be a lumberjack. 


Logging Camp is located in the center of camp.  It is a 5 mile hike round trip from any subcamp, making Logging camp a great destination for First Class advancement.  Troops may hike, drive, or canoe to Logging Camp.


Troops must schedule a time to visit Logging Camp to ensure a quality program. There are three options available on the Program Planning Sheet that units can request: Morning, afternoon, and overnight. 


Spar-Pole Climbing  Travel up a tree with spiked boots and strap while on belay.

Blacksmithing  Forge your very own tomahawk.

Two-Man Saw  Use a two-man saw and take home your very own log cut-off.

Branding  Choose from a selection of branding irons to make your mark on a log, hat, or hiking boot.

Logging Camp Store  Visit the Logging Camp store where we sell knick-knacks, patches, and ice cold mason jars of root beer!

Spring Board Traverse  Travel swiftly through the tree tops on the spring-board traverse.

Meals  Have your meals sent up and stay for supper and some evening events.

Evening Programs After dinner, the legendary Lumberjack campfire.  The staff tell tall tales, riddles, and jokes you'll love.  Afterwards enjoy some Dutch oven treats.

Log Cabin Bunkhouse  Stay the night in our 160 year old log cabin bunkhouse.  It has room for 4 patrols plus adults. 

Candle Making  Make your very own dipped candle to take home.