a Northern Star Council camp located in Birchwood, Wisconsin

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High Adventure

We are glad that you are considering making a reservation for Tomahawk Scout Reservation. Below are instructions and links to several documents that will help you to make a reservation.

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2017 Tomahawk High Adventure Base - Weeklong High Adventure

REGISTER HERE  Reservations Open On April 1 at Noon

The following programs operate in conjunction with a traditional unit campsite or All Star Troop reservation. Participants camp and sleep with their unit, and every day is filled with special program activities. Participants return to their campsite right before supper each night. 

Older Scout Program Summary

  • Ride adventure: $342.00
  • Treks adventure: $342.00
  • Aquatics adventure : $342.00
  • Explore Half-Day: $312.00

The fees for these programs take the place of the standard fee for a week at camp. Fees include all rental of special equipment for in and out of camp day trips, staff support, transportation, and food. Food is covered on the trips but scouts should bring $5-$10 if they want snacks on the road. You can’t beat this price or the experience.