a Northern Star Council camp located in Birchwood, Wisconsin

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High Adventure

We are happy to see that you are considering making a reservation for Tomahawk Scout Reservation! Below are instructions and links to several documents that will help you to make a reservation.

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2017 Tomahawk High Adventure - Weeklong High Adventure *

The following programs operate in conjunction with a traditional unit campsite or All Star Troop reservation. Participants camp and sleep with their unit, and every day is filled with special program activities. If the participants are in a morning High Adventure Program, they will return right before lunch each day. If the participants are in an afternoon or all-day High Adventure Program, they will return to their campsite right before supper each night. 

  • Morning Only Activities:
    • News Team: $25.00
    • Explore: $25.00
    • Ranch Hands: $50.00
  • Afternoon Only Activities:
    • Stem Nova: $25.00
    • Explore: $25.00 
  • Full-Day Activities:
    • ATV-one day: $25.00 
    • Ride: $50.00
    • Treks: $50.00
    • Aquatics: $50.00
    • Apostle Island Sea Kayaking: $495 (all inclusive)
    • Trades Week: $295.00 only offered week 6 (all inclusive)

Learn more about Older Scout Programs

*2018 Fees will be updated by year end