a Northern Star Council camp located in Birchwood, Wisconsin

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Wilderness First Aid Training


Course Minimum:
To offer a course we must have at least 6 people signed up before June 1st. This course is offered by a volunteer in the local area. They have a limited amount of time they can spend offering the course to camp. We cannot offer this training every week. The First 3 sessions that have 6 or more people signed up before June 1st will be selected to be offered. The course will not be available week 6 or week 7 of camp. 
To provide individuals a foundation of first aid principles and skills to be able to respond to emergencies and give care in areas that do not have immediate emergency medical services (EMS) response. This includes wilderness and remote environments, including urban disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. 
Possess current adult CPR/AED certification 
Be at least 14 years of age on or before the last scheduled session of the course 
Certification Requirements 
Attend all class sessions 
Participate in all skill sessions and activities 
Demonstrate competency in all observable skills 
Complete the scenarios 
If certification required by employer or organization, pass the optional final written exam with a minimum grade of 80 percent 
Certificate Issued and Validity Period 
      Wilderness and Remote First Aid: 2 years 
$130.00 includes materials, training supplies, and American Red Cross Certification fee. The fee will be billed to your Unit's account while at camp.
The Training will be held in the White Pine Program Building. Adults from Chippewa and Sioux are welcome to attend.