Rifle Shooting

Take aim and fire with our .22 rifles!

When can I participate?

Head on down to the rifle range during your assigned Troop/Crew Activity Slot or come on down during Evening Open Program time. For those looking to get more hands on time with the rifles sign up for Rifle Merit Badge!

How can I participate?

Every Troop/Crew that wants to participate in rifle can sign up for a spot! Indicate on your program planning sheet that your unit would like a rifle spot. You can also go to the rifle range during the Evening Open Program time.

How much does it cost?

Every Scout at Tomahawk receives two rounds, with 10 shots each round, through the rifle range. After that it will be $0.50 per 10 shots. Troops/Crews may also charge ammo costs to their Troop Account.

Rifle Shooting

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