Why You Should Camp at Tomahawk

Top 10 Reasons Your Troop/Crew Should Camp at Tomahawk


We get constant praise from Scouts and adult leaders about our camp staff. Our staff are exciting, knowledgeable, flexible and committed to our mission. Our large camp staff allows for more cross-training and upward mobility. Our retention rate of staff is high, meaning that your Scouts will get to know our staff over their years as campers. It also goes to show that Tomahawk is a place where people want to be year after year.

You will be hard-pressed to find another camp around with a wider variety of program options. In a Scout's 7-year career in Scouting they could not participate in every program Tomahawk has to offer. 

  • Horses
  • ATV's
  • Logging Camp Outpost
  • Sea Kayaking in Lake Superior
  • Trade Skills Programs (Welding, Metalwork, Plumbing, Farm Mechanics)
  • STEM Programs (Drones, Robotics, Digital Technology)
  • Voyageur Canoes
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing on Real Rock
  • Whitewater Kayaking
  • Shooting Sports Outpost
  • Big Boat Sailing

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Tomahawk has over 50 merit badges to choose from. Some are bundled together into older Scout programs and others are offered during the morning advancement blocks. Merit Badge time is organized into a block schedule which reduces time taking attendance, travel/transition time between badges, and creates more time learning.

Merit Badges

At Tomahawk and other Northern Star Council camps we offer Troop/Crew Activity Time. During this time your troop is given a scheduled time to experience activities all over camp. Examples of these include: troop rifle shoot, troop climbing, troop horseback ride. No waiting in lines you didn't know where were there. At Tomahawk, when your troop is scheduled for an archery range shoot you know that for your scheduled time your troop will be the only one there. And that isn't the only time you can do those activities; program areas are open each night for you to experience again with a buddy. This is all part of the balanced program structure at Tomahawk.

Tomahawk offers a wider variety of programs at the same cost as other camps. You get more when you camp at Tomahawk. More staff, more program, more land and lakes to explore. Tomahawk doesn't charge to use our tents, dining flies, or cots. Want to borrow some cooking equipment? Great, no charge.

At Tomahawk you have options. There are 3 Scouts BSA camps on the Tomahawk property to choose from. Each camp offers the same programs and merit badges, but have their own climbing tower, their own beach, and own staff. With three different camps your troop or crew can explore a new camp each year without having to navigate through different sign up systems and learn about program options. Looking for a fresh experience every summer - here's your option.

Explore Sub-Camps

Do your leaders struggle with balancing dedicating precious PTO towards going to summer camp with the Scouts instead of time with your family? At Tomahawk you don't have to choose. Families can come to camp too! There is a resort-style area at Tomahawk called Family Island with cabins, RV hook-up sites, and tent sites for families of leaders to enjoy camp too. Families can visit your troop or crew everyday so that leaders can spend time with the unit and their family.

Tomahawk food is great. No camper goes hungry here. We have a healthy selection of food and full salad bar to ensure that every camper gets the recommended number of calories and their nutritional needs are met. Each sub-camp does food just a little differently, so review the food services page and sub-camp pages before selecting a campsite.

Northern Star Council operates two Scout BSA camp: Tomahawk Scout Reservation and Many Point Scout Camp. If you have a reservation at either one of these you can arrange to swap your campsite the following summer with a unit currently registered at the other camp. You can then return back to your same campsite, the same week the following year. This is a great way to give your troop or crew more variety without losing your favorite campsite. When you camp at Tomahawk you have access to Many Point and vice versa. Between Tomahawk and Many Point your will not find more variety than any other camp.

Tomahawk is a big camp. 3,000 acres big! Filled primarily with Maple, Oak, and Pine trees. The beautiful forests of Tomahawk are paralleled only by scenic waters of Lake Nielsen, Lake Neibel and Long Lake. With 15 miles of lake shore surround the Tomahawk peninsula there are a lot of opportunities to camp near the lake. The naturally cooling breezes off the water make hot days much more enjoyable. As you walk through camp it is common to see deer, bald eagles, or gaze upon a beaver lodge. The call of the loons each night is a great way to end your day. Set up a hammock, relax, and unplug for a week emerged in nature at Tomahawk Scout Reservation.




Why You Should Camp at Tomahawk

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