Food Service

Dining Options

Chippewa Camp

Lunch and supper served out of the dining hall. Breakfast ingredients delivered to campsite and cooked by patrol.

Sioux Camp

Breakfast, lunch, and supper ingredients delivered to campsite and cooked by patrol.

White Pine Camp

Lunch served out of dining shelter. Breakfast and Supper ingredients delivered to campsite and cooked by patrol.


Limited Service

If units wish to bring their own food and cook it in their campsite they may. There is a $50 discount per person for this option. If you wish to bring and cook your own food, please email [email protected] and we'll apply the discount to each full week camper.

Meal Counts

Troops will be asked at check-in to provide a meal by meal count of the number of Scouts and leaders eating with their unit. Food deliveries and troop fee charges are based on these numbers.

Visitor Meals

Any additional meals requested must be submitted in writing by lunch on the previous day to ensure an adequate supply of food and for billing purposes. Be sure to include any guests that might be joining you for a meal. They should be included on your food count form too

Meal Change Requests

If you would like to change the amount of meals sent to your campsite or need to transfer your meals to Logging camp discuss with your Commissioner or Camp Director.

Still Hungry?

Breakfast Bar

At every breakfast there will be a Breakfast Bar. The breakfast bar will have yogurt, granola and various cut fruits for you to enjoy.

Salad Bar

At Lunch and Dinner there will be a salad bar for everyone to enjoy. It will have fresh lettuce and spinach along with toppings such as eggs, onions, carrots, tomatoes etc, and various cold salads such as pasta and potato salad.


Breakfast cereal is available in all sub camps during breakfast. There are supplies to make peanut-butter and Jelly sandwiches any time of day, additionally, fruit is always available. You can request more peanut butter, jelly, drink mix and cereal from the food truck when it makes deliveries.

Dietary Needs

Proper notification is requested, preferable two weeks in advance. See the Dietary Restrictions and Special Requests Page for more information.

Food Service

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