New This Summer

As the summer has only recently ended, we are still planning on what will be new for the season of 2022. This is currently just a sneak-peek into some of the things that we are planning for 2022:

Older Scout Program Sign-Up

This year, we are going to open program sign-up by age, meaning those who are 17 and 16 will get to sign up before others. This means that Older Scouts will get to sign up for Older Scout programs alongside merit badges. Since the ScoutingEvent system has capacities built in, this means there will no longer need to be a program sign-up pause during the first two weeks of April as there has been in previous years.

Chippewa Trading Post Remodel

Campers of our Chippewa Camp should be excited for the Trading Post's remodel. While we aren't ready to share what specifically is changing and what it will look like, you can expect it to feel like a brand new building on the inside.

Beach Changing Shelters

All beaches are getting changing shelters this year. We are going to replace the tents that were in some camps with access to an indoor space for them to change in, allowing more comfort while getting into or out of swimwear.

Logging Camp

Logging camp is our largest change this year. We are adding many new programs, more staff than ever before, and replacing most of the program supplies. Keep an eye out for further details on what you can expect during your Logging Camp experience nearer to the summer.

Logging Camp Older Scout Program

We're adding an Older Scout Program for Logging Camp. Scouts will truly get to experience what it was like to be a logger at the Knapp-Stout logging camp. Once again, keep an eye out for the 2022 Program Catalog for further details on what they will do, how it will run, and anything else you could need to know.

The Bus Returns

Scouts who came to Tomahawk in 2019 or before will remember the bus, which is how we used to transport Scouts and adults to the Berglund Center from their sub-camp. Since most of our Older Scout programs are based out of the Berglund Center, this drastically reduces the amount of transportation leaders need to provide. With the other addition of the vans returning for 0ff-site trips, leaders should expect to drive considerably less than in 2020 and 2021.

Food Service Changes

For the last two years, we've been running Food Service differently than every year before due to COVID-19. This year, we're going to be trying something new again in hopes it makes it better for both your troop as well as us. We are currently planning on having Chippewa and White Pine eat all three meals in their dining halls, while Sioux will eat all three meals in their campsite with their troop (as they always have). Chippewa and White Pine will not need to cook any meals. Sioux will be cooking their own breakfast and dinner, but lunch will be delivered ready-to-eat or with minimal assembly required.

As always, supplying your own food is an option and will be discounted appropriately.

More Staff

We've heard your requests and will be hiring more staff this year. While we do not have numbers nailed down yet, you can expect many new faces in every subcamp, as well as a large dedicated team at our Logging Camp.

50 new tents

We are committed to ensuring the equipment people use at camp is in good working repair, and as such are buying new tents every year.

Picture of a tent

New This Summer