Check In

Check in is Sunday 1:00-3:00 p.m.

If it is not possible to check-in during this time, please contact camp. We will work with your unit to make sure your check in process goes as smooth as possible. Your troop will be emailed two weeks before camp with a specific time in this check in window to arrive at camp. This will help reduce check-in volume. 

Health Screening

Upon arrival you will be stopped outside of the Welcome Center. Do not get out of your car.

  • Each person in the car should have a Health Screening Checklist completed
  • Each person in the car should be wearing a face covering

A staff member will greet each vehicle and collect the health screening checklists. They will review the checklists, and ask how everyone is feeling. If everything looks good each car will receive a parking pass and be directed towards their campsite to start moving in. 


After the health screening at the entrance go directly to your campsite to drop off gear and start setting up camp.  Any requested equipment will be in equipment tent near entrance of campsite. A camp commissioner will come by to do a campsite orientation, share with you the rules of camp, and to give you a camp tour.

Swim Tests

If you have not completed swim tests before camp you'll do your swim tests at the beach as the first part of your camp tour. Change into swim suits before the camp tour. At the beach you'll get buddy tags. If you have completed your swim test prior to camp you'll turn in your swim qualification record to the beach director.

Turning in Paperwork

During the camp tour, at least one adult should go to meet with your sub-camp director to turn in paperwork and check in. Your commissioner will tell you where to go. At check in you will do the following.

  • Verify unit roster

  • Verify youth program selections

  • Turn in food counts and specialty meal requests (please have this completed ahead of time)

  • Turn in ATV E-Course Certificates and Hold Harmless Agreements.

  • Turn in Single-Action Shooting Waivers for Older Scouts.

  • Turn in and review health forms with Administrative staff

  • Verify all paperwork has been submitted and signed

  • Go over any other needs with the admin staff

  • Review troop/crew program schedule

**Review Health Forms - In accordance with Wisconsin state law, Tomahawk Scout Reservation must retain a copy of health histories for all campers for two years. To be in compliance with this law, it is necessary for all campers and adults to submit a copy of their entire health form to the health officer. Tomahawk will keep the copy submitted. Records are kept in locked storage and are destroyed after two years.**‚Äč

Severe Weather Drill

As part of your tour your commisioner will go over the severe weather procedures and show you where the storm shelters are located. 

Check In

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