Planning for Camp



  • Start solidifying your roster for the upcoming summer
  • Share Campership information with your families
  • Review how to use the Scouting Event registration system on the Summer Camp Registration Tutorials page
  • Encourage all attendees to schedule a camp physical with a doctor. Anyone staying 72 hours or more throughout the entire week is required to have Part C of the Health Form, a physician signed physical, completed and ready for turn in upon arrival.


  • 4th: Watch or attend the Summer Camp Orientation
  • 15th: Online roster open: Units may go into their reservation in and start populating their rosters with participants
  • Send the Program Catalog to your families
  • Lock down a date and location for swim tests, or choose to do them at camp
  • Plan your March Camp Promotion Meeting
  • Advertise our work party opportunity to your unit


  • 1st: Priority reservations open: Troops with a current reservation for the upcoming summer can book their same campsite in the same week for the summer after next‚Äč
  • Host a Summer Camp Promotion Meeting
  • Collect Program Interests from Scouts
  • Populate your roster and submit youth deposits online in order to sign up for programs in April


  • 4th at 7pm: Program sign-up opens for Scouts 16 and older
  • 11th at 7pm: Program sign-up opens for Scouts 14 and older
  • 15th: Youth Deposits Due: Enter your Scouts into your registration and submit the youth deposit through Scouting Event. You'll need to have youth deposits paid before you can register a Scout for programs.
  • 18th at 7pm: Program sign-up opens for all remaining Scouts
  • Submit Troop afternoon activity interests
  • Order your custom camp t-shirts
  • Review and sign up for camp service projects


  • 1st: Priority reservation deadline for next summer: This is the last day troops with a current reservation for the upcoming summer can book their same campsite in the same week for the summer after this coming summer
  • 2nd: Reservations for next summer are open to anyone: Reservations for the following season (for example, the summer of 2024 in May of 2023) open to any unit.
    • This is also when a unit can reserve a different campsite or request to attend a different week.
    • It is also the first opportunity for a new troop to make a reservation.
  • Share campsite equipment options with your unit and submit equipment requests
  • Instruct Scouts doing our ATV program to complete the E-Course training online
  • Submit Full Payment


  • 1st: Full payment due: Your registration needs to be paid in full by the end of day June 1st. There will be a $25 late fee per youth applied to each youth not paid in full by this time. These payments help Tomahawk plan for food and program supply purchasing.
  • 2nd - 4th: Work Party: Sign up for work party on our volunteering and service projects page by clicking the button labelled "Sign Up" under the Work Party header.


  • Share the packing list with Scouts
  • Share the information about medications at camp with families
  • Host wildlife training with your unit
  • Organize carpooling to Tomahawk
  • Share with parents how to contact Tomahawk
  • Submit dietary restriction information through your troop's online registration
  • Submit equipment requests through your troop's online registration
  • Collect health forms


  • Make final changes in your troop's online registration
    • Finalize equipment requests
    • Ensure all Scouts are registered for programs
  • Make copies of health forms to turn in. We are required by Wisconsin Law to keep health forms.
  • Collect ATV Hold-Harmless statements and ATV E-Course Certificates for those participating in programs with ATVs.
  • Collect Logging Camp Shooting Sports Waivers for those participating in the Logging Camp Overnight Older Scout Program
  • Share travel plans with families


  • Have leaders join the text message update service
  • Health Services
  • Fill out the Medication Log Booklet
  • Billing Checkout and Patch Orders
  • Campsite check out

After your week at Camp