Planning for Camp



  • 1st: Priority reservations open: Troops with a current reservation for the upcoming summer can book their same campsite in the same week for the summer after next‚Äč
  • 1st: Scout registration opensTroops may go into their reservation in and start submitting youth deposits and populating their rosters


  • Watch or attend the Summer Camp Orientation
  • Send the Program Catalog to your families
  • Lock down a date and location for swim tests, or choose to do them at camp
  • Plan your March Camp Promotion Meeting



  • 1st at Noon: Program Registration Opens: Troops may start signing up Scouts for merit badges and Older Scout Programs.
  • 15th: Youth Deposits Due: Enter your Scouts into your registration and submit the youth deposit through Scouting Event. You'll need to have youth deposits paid before you can register a Scout for programs. 
  • Order your custom camp t-shirts
  • Advertise our work party opportunity to your unit
  • Review and sign up for camp service projects
  • 3oth: Priority reservation deadline for next summer: This is the last day troops with a current reservation for the upcoming summer can book their same campsite in the same week for the summer after this coming summer


  • 1st: Reservations for next summer are open to anyone: Reservations for the following season (for example, the summer of 2023 in May of 2022) open to any unit.
    • This is when a unit can reserve a different campsite or request to attend a different week.
    • It is also the first opportunity for a new troop to make a reservation. 
  • Share campsite equipment options with your unit and submit equipment requests
  • Submit Troop afternoon activity interests
  • Instruct Scouts doing our ATV program to complete the E-Course training online.  
  • Watch the COVID-19 Q&A Session
  • Submit Full Payment


  • 1st: Full payment due: Full payment needs to submitted in by the end of day June 1st to qualify for the early bird discount. These payments help Tomahawk plan for food and program supply purchasing. 



  • Make final changes in
    • Finalize equipment requests
    • Ensure all Scouts are registered for programs
  • Make copies of health forms to turn in
  • Collect ATV Hold-Harmless statements
  • Locate copy of unit's insurance certificate (non-Northern Star Council units)
  • Share travel plans with families


  • Have leaders join the text message update service
  • Health Services
  • Medication Log Booklet
  • Order of the Arrow
  • Billing Checkout and Patch Orders
  • Campsite check out

After Camp