The Tomahawk Mission

It's all about growth



Provide fun experiences that develop character, citizenship, fitness, and family.

The Goal

Tomahawk Scout Reservation is your tool for a great summer camp Scouting experience, Tomahawk is utilized by units to meet its goals of carrying out the mission of Scouting through the outdoor program environment. Tomahawk is your ultimate camp experience. Tomahawk holds the values of Scouting in the highest regard and has the ultimate goal of producing young adults that are equipped with character and trained for citizenship. We believe the way to achieve this is through the guidance of passionate adult leadership in a camp environment.

We offer exciting programs, with trained staff, serve great food and strive to help you during the week. But we should never lose track of camp’s main objective: to provide the unit the opportunity to develop their youth.

It is our goal that after your Tomahawk experience your unit returns stronger and better prepared to spend the rest of the year producing young adults with character willing to serve their communities better. Our hope is they would continue the Scouting message in that community to shape more responsible youth for the future.

Goals of the Outdoor Program

The secret to successful program at Tomahawk is following the recipe laid out in the goals of the Outdoor Program. We "mission test" each of our activities to ensure that it meets the following principles so your unit not only has fun but has the opportunity to grow and develop as well.

Develop Self Reliance

Building the skills and attitudes that help a person believe that he or she can be better take care of themselves.

Develop Resourcefulness

Building the skills and attitudes that help a person believe that he or she can use the things available to them for other purposes

Develop Leadership

Building the skills that help a person lead others

Understand Democracy

Better understanding the form of government, or organization, that includes voting and making choices.

Learn Respect for the Environment

Learn to appreciate the balance in nature and how to better coexist with the natural world

Learn Wise use of Natural Resources

Learn how to take care of the environment

Be involved in Participating Citizenship

being part of a group by doing your share and helping out with the group tasks.

Learning to Accept Responsibility

Learning to do the tasks assigned to you and the things you see need to get done

Learn to help others

Doing things to help other people

Learn Teamwork and Cooperation

Learning to work together for a common goal and getting along with others.

Learn Respect for Others

To accept and celebrate diversity.

Develop High Self-Esteem

Build the Positive feeling about yourself.

Develop Physical, Mental, and Emotional Fitness

Build the body’s strength and health and the mind’s abilities to solve problems and cope with adversities.

Grow Spiritually

To Build the Belief that there is something “Beyond Themselves”

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