Tomahawk Troop/Crew Award

Become a Tomahawk Troop/Crew!

The Tomahawk troop Award is designed as a tool to assist Scouts and adult Troop/Crew leaders in building the quality and character of their Troop/Crew and its individual members. The staff will be happy assist Troop/Crew Leaders in using this tool, but the Tomahawk Troop/Crew Award remains most valuable to the Troop/Crew that uses it as a guide for their own Troop/Crew operation. 

what are the benefits?

Troops/Crews qualifying as a Tomahawk Troop/Crew are eligible to wear the Tomahawk Troop/Crew segment (Tipi) and will be able to display their Troop/Crew neckerchief in the dinning hall or program building. 

What are the requirements? 

  1. The Troop/Crew demonstrates use of the patrol method (campsite arrangement, youth leadership)
  2. The Troop/Crew does a conservation or camp project (From the camp's approved list or approved by the Camp Director)
  3. The Troop/Crew conducts a campsite inspection and receives a score of 60 or above (See your Commissioner for Help)
  4. The Troop Conducts daily flag raising and lowering in their campsite 
  5. The Troop/Crew practices Leave No Trace principles
  6. The Troop/Crew displays reverence by saying grace at every meal and conducts or attends a religious service or vespers. 
  7. The Troop/Crew conducts one or more Patrol Leaders' Council Meetings per week.
  8. Each Scout works on Brownsea, a merit badge or coaches another Scout.
  9. The Troop/Crew and patrol campsites are visually identified (Flags or Signs)
  10. The Scouts are generally in Scout or Camp uniform (scout uniform for vespers and the evening flag lowering and meal is encouraged).
  11. The conducts a special group program (hike, canoe trip, pioneering project, etc.)
  12. The Troop/Crew conducts a Troop/Crew campfire
  13. The Troop participates in camp-wide programs
  14. 85% of the Scouts in the Troop/Crew are in attendance at camp. 

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