Sub-Camps at Tomahawk

What is a Sub-Camp?

At Tomahawk we operate four separate sub-camps. Each sub-camp is independent of each other. They each have their own climbing tower, first year camper program, beach, boating area, ecology center and more. We operate three Scout BSA Camps: Chippewa, Sioux, and White Pine. These three are all consider sub-camps and operate their own merit badge programs. They have the same program schedule and offer the same merit badges. Their primary differences are in how food service is conducted and how tenting is done. Navajo is our Resident Arrow of Light Sub Camp. Finally, there is an option for the families of registered Scouts in Family Island.


Chippewa is our oldest and largest of the three main sub-camps. If you are looking for that traditional large summer camp feel, then Chippewa is for you. Chippewa has 15 different campsites, most of them directly on a lake! Chippewa operates a Dining Hall and meals are served family style. If dinner and a show is your thing, then Chippewa is the place for you. Every lunch and dinner, the staff in Chippewa lead a song or put on a skit. There is always something fun happening in the Dining Hall. Scouts utilize the patrol method by taking on roles like "server" and "after meal clean up" 


If operating under the Patrol Method is what your Troop/Crew is looking for than Sioux is the place for you. Sioux's 14 campsites are designed with the Patrol Method in mind. Troops/Crews in Sioux camp will eat all of their meals in their campsite, with food being delivered in heater stacks to your campsite from Central Kitchen. If your unit is looking to do it's own cooking for the week, Sioux is the best camp to accommodate that. If this interests your group, make sure to check out the reduced camper fees, in the fees section. 

White Pine

White Pine is our Newest Sub-Camp and a great experience for those looking for a smaller camp feel. The areas around White Pines shore line have beautiful views and hills, and with the terrain the tenting sites in White Pine are all on raised wooden platforms, giving a unique experience. White Pine's tenting areas aren't the only unique feature, all meals are served in giant Outdoor Dining Pavilions located on the North or South end of camp. The staff at White Pine are always willing to put on a show at lunch and dinner! 


Navajo is our resident Arrow of Light Sub Camp! For more information on Navajo, check out the Navajo page in the related content! 

Sub-Camps at Tomahawk

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