How to Sign Up for Programs

2020 Program Sign up Instructions

Complete the Patrol Interest Worksheet for each patrol at camp (See Related Content). The maximum size for a patrol is 10. This 10 includes adults. A troop can have multiple patrols. For example: If your troop has 22 youth and 4 adults (26 total) you should have 3 patrols.

The Patrol Interest Worksheet is a tool to track and take notes for the online Patrol Program Interest Survey. It is NOT to be turned in. The worksheet will help you be prepared to fill out the online Patrol Program Interest Survey. (See Related Content on this page for a completed Patrol Interest Worksheet as an example)

When ready, complete the online Patrol Program Interest Survey. Please complete the Patrol Program Interest Survey two weeks before you attend camp. (Example: If you are arriving to camp on July 5th, this form is due June 21st)

Patrol Program Interest Survey 



**the information below is not valid for 2020**

Merit Badges and Older Scout Programs

Merit Badge and Older Scout registration is done online through the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS). Registrations should be made by your troop or crew’s camping coordinator. Parents and Scouts should give the camping coordinator their program requests to enter into SCMS. Please plan a backup option just in case space in their first choice of program has been taken. 

Step 1: Log into SCMS. When you reserve a campsite at Tomahawk using the campsite reservation form you are asked for an email address. Once your reservation has been processed the email address you provided is sent a confirmation email with a password. Your email address serves as your username. The SCMS system will be available for roster entries by April 1st on the day of signups. No selections will be made until April 14th at noon and selections are made based on grade level.

Step 2:Populate your unit roster. You will not be able to sign any Scouts up for programs until they have a roster entry. You will need this information for each youth you put on your roster: name, age, grade entering in fall, rank, years at summer camp

Step 3: Make program selections for Blocks A, B, C, D, E, and backup/secondary program options for each Scout

Step 4: Check back periodically to see if their requests have been accepted. 

Log In to SCMS Learn About SCMS

Registration Timeline: 

  1. Open Registration Period: April 1st to April 14th at Noon. 
  2. April 14th at noon to April 15th at noon. Registration is closed for program placement reveiw.
  3. April 15th until camp starts: Program reuests are now first come first served. Requests are reviewed every two weeks and placement status is updated every two weeks. 
  4. Please have your requests made by June 1st.


Troop/Crew Activities

Troop/Crew Activities are times when you it is just your unit at an activity, such a Troop Climb or Troop Sauna. During these times your group will have reserved time to do these activities. Troop/Crew Activity sign up is done through SCMS. 

Step 1: At a troop or crew meeting sit review the available troop/crew activities.

Step 2: Of the Standard six activities have the Scouts decide whether “YES” they want this activity scheduled for them or “NO” they are not interested in doing this activity as a group. Have them circle their preference on the pictures below.

Step 3: Of the twelve elective activities listed on the next page rank your top choice with a “1” in the white square provide on the image. Continue ranking until all 12 activities have a different number listed on them. 1 is the top choice and 12 is the least desired activity.

Step 4: Troop or crew camping coordinator logs into the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS) and enters troop or crew preferences into the “Troop/Crew Activity Request” form. 

Once your preferences have been submitted into SCMS camp staff will review all the requests from troops and crews and start creating schedules. Your schedule will be given to you at camp by your commissioner. 

You will have an opportunity to adjust your troop/crew program schedule at the Saturday night leader’s Roundtable.

Evening Program

Sign up for the various Evening Programs in the sub camps will take place at camp. Most of the programs such as Sand Castle Siege and King of the Tower. you sign up when you show up. Other programs such as the water polo tournament the staff will advertise how to sign up and when sign up ends at camp. 

Summer Camp Management System (SCMS) Program Sign Up Video Tutorial


How to Sign Up for Programs

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