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Gear Up!

where are they?

Tomahawk has five camp trading posts on the property. There is a trading post conveniently available in each sun camp as well as a camp wide trading post available at Welcome Center. 

what can you buy?

The Trading Post offers many different items! Below is a sample of what we offer in our Trading Posts. All Trading Posts are stocked full of apparel, reference material, camping supplies, and snacks! We offer plenty of options for snacks (including plenty of healthy options.) Most importantly, the Trading Place is the only place you can find the camp favorite of Slush Puppies and Choco Tacos! 

Custom Pre-Order T-Shirts

You can order this year's official t-shirt with your troop's number and home town printed on the sleeve.

Order Your Custom Pre-Order T-Shirt 


Merit Badge Supplies Apparel Supplies & Other
Merit badges $2.50 Camp Hats $10-$15 Flashlights $5-$25
Wood Carving Blocks $1.00 Camp Shirts $10-$20 Knifes $10-$25
Wood Carving Slides $2.50 Camp Mugs $5-$20 Camping Equipment $2-$100
Leather lace for Lanyards $0.50 Camp Jackets $50-$80 Bug Spray/Sunscreen $4-$7
Knife Pouch Kit $8.00 Camp Sweatshirt $30-$50 Batteries $1-$5
Badges Refreshment Books
Camp Patch $2.00 Candy and Snacks $1-$2 Scout Handbooks $9.50
Segments $0.50-$1 Soda and Sports Drinks $1-$2 Merit Badge Pamphlets $5.00
Program Patches $1-$2 Ice Cream $1-$2.50 Scoutmaster Handbooks $13.00


How much money should my Scout bring?

The average amount spent per camper last summer was around $50. This allows them money for snacks throughout the week and to bring home a souvenir from their week! The Trading Posts are also a great way for scouts to learn to manage their money and make it last the whole week. 

Unit Trading Post Charges

Scoutmasters and assistant Scoutmasters may charge items to their unit's account.This can be helpful for buying patches, supplies, and other awards for your unit. All you have to do is ask the Trading Post Manager to charge it to your Troop/Crew Account and they will look up your account and verify that you can make the charge to your account. Any charges made to your account will be settled at the end of the week when you pay your final bill at check out. 

If you do not want to charge something to your unit account we accept cash, credit, or check.

Trading Post

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