June 15th - Full Payment Due

**We have adjusted our full payment deadline for 2020.**

**All payments are due on June 15th. That includes scout fees, leader fees.** 

Payment Deadline

Full payment needs to be postmarked by June 15th. Worksheets postmarked after June 15th will have an additional $10 late fee applied to final camp bill.

Why do we submit full payment prior to camp?

These payments help camp plan for food and program supply purchasing. 

How to calculate your full payment

  1. Download the Full Payment Worksheet found in the related content area of this page.
  2. Log into the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS).
  3. Once logged in go to the “View Account Info” page. This page will display any payments and charges on your account to date. You will need this account information to complete Part A of the June 1st Full Payment Worksheet.
  4. Part A. Copy this information into the Full Payment Worksheet
  5. Part B. Fill in your estimated charges. 
  6. Part C. Calculate your current balance. Subtract your total credits from Part A from your total charges Part B to get your Full Payment due June 15th. 

How to submit your full payment

  1. Write a check for the Total Due Now amount. Make check payable to Northern Star Council, BSA. Include "Tomahawk Fees" on the memo line.
  2. Mail to Northern Star Council, BSA, 6202 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, MN 55111

Other charges to expect

Please note that your unit will likely have additional charges beyond what is represented on this form. For example, if your unit is planning on creating a charge account at the Trading Post or having Scouts attend merit badge requiring additional supplies, these items will be on your final bill as you’re departing camp Saturday morning. Please be mindful of these incidental charges when communicating per-Scout costs to your unit's families.



**We do not accept credit cards for participant fees to help keep camp costs low**

June 15th - Full Payment Due

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