Make a splash with kayaking!

Paddle around Long Lake in your own personal water craft! Kayaking can be a great way to get around the Lake while enjoying nature up close and personal! Kayaking is similar to canoeing...except a lot more fun!

Who can participate?

Anyone who is at the Swimmer Level and seeks a new way to travel the water!

When can I participate?

Head on down to the Boating Section at the Beach during Open Program Time in the Afternoon/Evening. If you really want to get some time in Kayaks check out the Kayaking Merit Badge! For experienced Kayakers check out the Treks and Aquatics High Adventure Programs! For those looking to really make a splash in kayaking check out the Apostle Island Sea Kayaking High Adventure Program, you will kayak around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior!

How can I participate?

Pass your swimmer's test with the Swimmer Level. For the High Adventure Programs check out the High Adventure Program Pages!


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