Logging Camp

Travel Back to 1893 and become a True Logger

Who Can participate?

Every Scout can participate in the logging camp program. Each Scout gets the opportunity to make a candle, blacksmith a tomahawk head, use the two man saws and much more! Scouts older than 14 can use the lever action .22 rifle and double barreled shotgun.

How Can I participate?

Every Troop/Crew that wants to participate in the Logging Camp Program can Sign up for a Spot! Indicate on your program planning sheet that your unit would like a Logging Camp Hike. You can choose between an afternoon hike or an evening hike.

When Can I participate?

Head on over to logging Camp during your assigned unit activity slot. The afternoon slots will hike out after lunch and come back before dinner. The evening hike will leave before dinner, eat and sleep at logging camp, then hike back after breakfast the next day.

Logging Camp

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