1st Year Camper Program: Brownsea

A Skilled Focused Program Based in Fun!

The Brownsea first-time camper program is an exposure program to the outdoor skills needed for advancement. Though Brownsea teaches Scouts many of the skills needed to earn first class rank, it is the duty of the unit leaders or troop guides to sign-off on the requirements.

when can I participate?

The Brownsea Program takes place during the A and B Block. Scouts will attend both sessions.

where do I go?

  • Chippewa: Parade Field
  • Sioux: Parade Field 
  • White Pine: Parade Field 

What do I earn?

  • Scout: 4a, 5
  • Tenderfoot: 3a-c, 3d, 5a-c
  • Second Class: 1b, 2a-d, 2f, 2g, 3a, 3c, 3d, 4, 6a-e
  • First Class: 3a-c, 4a, 5a-d, 7a, 7b
  • Though Brownsea teaches these skills, it is the duty of the unit leaders or troop Guides to signoff on the  requirements. 

Adult leader support

At least one leader from each unit with Scouts enrolled in the Brownsea program should attend alongside the Scouts to help with instruction, organization and skill testing. 


  • Outpost Hike: There will be opportunities for Scouts to earn second class requirement 3b if they join the Brownsea Staff on a hike to Logging Camp, these hikes will take place in the afternoon or evening. See the Logging Camp Activity to learn how to sign your Troop/Crew up for a Logging Camp Hike
  • Brownsea Evenings: If there are additional requirements you would like to have covered with your Scouts there will be evenings in each of the areas where the Brownsea Staff will cover extra requirements. Requirements that can be covered through Brownsea Nights include but are not limited to:
    • Scout 1a-1f, 3a, 4b
    • Tenderfoot: 1c, 3a-3c, 4a-4c, 5a-c, 7a, 8
    • Second Class: 5a-5d, 8a, 8b
    • First Class: 3d, 4b, 6a-e, 7c, 7f
  • ​Brownsea Nights will be posted at Camp by the Brownsea Director. 



1st Year Camper Program: Brownsea

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