Promoting Camp


Camp is fun and all your Scouts and their parents should know it. Make time to get information to your Scouts and familiies and answer the questions they might have to inform their choice to go to Summer camp. 

Step 1: Get camp on everyone's calendar

Share your unit's dates for camp as soon as you can. Publish it in your troop or crew calendar. Email all your families with the dates as soon as you confirm your campsite reservation. For most troops this is done a year or more in advance. Make sure Tomahawk is on all your Scouting familys' calendars before they plan vacations and other events.

Step 2: Be informed

If you are going to promote Tomahawk to your Scouts you need to understand the programs that are available. Watch the Summer Orientation Presentation, review the program catalog, and be familiar with the Planning for Camp Page on this website.

Step 3: Send the program catalog to all your Scouts and families

The program catalog has lots of information and pictures to get Scouts exicted about Tomahawk. The program catalog includes a link to a Scout Program Survey they can complete to tell you what they are interested in doing at Tomahawk.

Step 4: Host a Tomahawk Promotion Meeting in March

Take some time at a troop or crew meeting to review the great things about Tomahawk to your unit. Show the camp videos and explore the Tomahawk website and programs. Scroll through the activities page to show the wide variety of programs options Tomahawk has to offer. Share the location of camp with your unit. Review the different sub-camp options that are available. 

Download the promo video

Our promotion video is hosted online as a google file. You can download this file and show the video at a troop meeting even if you don't have internet access. Click the link below and then click the download icon on the top right of the page. If you have internet access at your meeting place streaming the video from YouTube may be easier. 

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Promoting Camp

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