How to Sign Up for Programs/Tutorials

Below you'll find video tutorials and instructions on how to sign up for different programs at camp.

Login and Submit Youth Deposits

This will show you how to get into your registration on the site.

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SubmiTting Full Payment

This will show you how to get submit full payments.

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Renew your campsite for the summer after next

Booking your campsite for the same week for the next summer is easy. Login into your current summer reservation and watch the tutorial below.

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Using the Scout Program Survey

The Scout Program Survey is a great tool for unit leaders. When you Scouts submit this survey online it will automatically email your their program interests. This doesn't sign them up for programs--it simply tells you what they are interested in.

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Troop Activity Sign UP

Complete this troop activity request form. This is due one full week before your arrival to camp. Our staff will review your requests the week before you arrive and craft a schedule for your unit. Your commissioner will go over your afternoon troop schedule with you upon arrival.

Watch Tutorial Video        Troop Activity Request Form 

How to Sign Up for Merit Badges, Older Scout Programs, High Adventures and how to pull Reports

Merit Badge sign up opens April 1st at noon. Older Scout and High Adventure Program Requests opens April 1st. For best consideration submit requests by April 15th.

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May 11th Older Scout Program Q&A Session 

Chippewa Older Scout Schedule      Sioux Older Scout Schedule     White Pine Older Scout Program

Older Scout Program Adjustment

Recently, we met with our risk management committee to review our program structures and plans for the upcoming summer. With recent rise in case counts, they have directed us to keep Sioux Camp, Chippewa Camp, and White Pine Camp separate from one another. This has added an additional variable to placing Scouts into Older Scout Programs; historically these programs combine Scouts from all over the reservation.

This summer, we will need to ensure that Scouts stay with other Scouts from their camps . Scouts from different troops will still be able to attend merit badges and older Scout programs alongside each other, but only with Scouts from their Sub-Camp. (Example: Scouts from Chippewa will only attend programs with other Scouts from Chippewa)

We will be able to place some programs for your Older Scouts in the Scouting Event System by May 11th. Most Scouts will be placed into 2-3 programs (Scouts that had morning availability noted for Older Scout Programs will receive a few more programs).

Updated Timeline and Older Scout Plan

May 9th: Class Schedule function in Scouting Event System will be paused while we enter programs in for your Scouts.

May 11th at 5pm: Scouts will be placed into programs by 5pm. You will be able to view the programs your Scouts were placed in at this time. You won't be able to make changes until May 18th at 7pm.

May 11th at 7pm: The Camp Director will host a Q&A session at 7pm. They will show how to view program placements, and review how to register for additional programs. Please tune in to get your older Scout questions answered.

Below you'll find links to the program counts for each sub-camp. This will show you which programs are full and which programs have more space available. These will be removed from the website on May 18th at 7pm. 

Between May 11th and May 18th: Share program placements with your Scouts. Share older Scout program schedule for your week and sub-camp with your Scouts. Discuss what additional programs your Scouts would like to be signed up for on May 18th.

May 18th at 7pm: Class Schedule function in Scouting Event will be opened and units will be able to sign Scouts up for additional programs. Placement for additional programs will be first come, first served.
Older Scout Program Q&A Session: May 11th at 7pm

Thank you for your patience and understanding. These are difficult and complex decisions. We look forward to camping with you all this summer.Previous Message sent on April 20th.

Evening Programs

Sign up for the various Evening Programs in the sub camps will take place at camp. Most of the programs such as Sand Castle Siege and King of the Tower. you sign up when you show up. Other programs such as the water polo tournament the staff will advertise how to sign up and when sign up ends at camp. Accout Basics

How to create an account.

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Upload a Roster

You can upload a roster from a .csv file into your registration. This will make entering Scouts into your roster much faster.

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Parent Portal

You can setup a parent portal in your registration. This will allow you to give families a code to login into their Scout's, and only their Scout's registration to enter information and to pay for camp. 

Setting Up Parent Portal: Tutorial for leaders       How to Use Parent Portal: Tutorial for parents

Upload advancement data into scoutbook

At the end of the week you can run the "Scoutbook Export" report. While in your reservation go to the "Reports" tab and click on the "Scoutbook Export" Report. Click the button below for instructions on how to upload into Scoutbook.

How to upload advancement data into Scoutbook

How to Sign Up for Programs/Tutorials

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