Summer Camp Orientation/Q&A Sessions

Every year we roll out our Summer camp plans to units with an in-person meeting. With Covid-19 we will be pre-recording this presentation and make it available online. After this has been release we'll host a few Q&A sessions to answer any lingering questions you have after watching the presentation. 

When you click on any of these links you be asked to register before you can view the presentation. Please input the required fields to view. 

Febraury 1st Summer Orientation Presentation 

February 10th Noon Q&A Session 

February 10th Evening Q&A Session 

March 28th Program Sign-up Q&A Session 

May 11th Older Scout Program Q&A Session 

June 2nd Covid-19 and Summer Camp Q&A Session 

When is it?

Presentation will be available to view online starting February 1st at noon.

Q&A session option 1: February 10th at noon.

Q&A session option 2: February 10th at 7pm.

Where is it?

This will be hosted remotely through our webinar software. You will be able to submit questions and we'll be able to answer them in the chat or in the live Q&A sessions. You will be able to go back and view any session at any time. 

What is discussed?

  • New next summer
  • Older Scout Opportunities
  • The direction we see camp operation next summer
  • Key Deadlines
  • Review of planning documents
  • How to promote camp to your troop or crew
  • How to sign up for programs
  • How to make the most of summer camp


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